Raven Martin

Executive Assistant

Donna Jackson:

Donna Jackson is a designer and artist with a goal of proving that everyone is creative and that creativity makes stronger communities. Donna has a core belief that if people can get in touch with their creative selves they could understand themselves better as human beings and spiritual beings, which in turn, will change how that person act and react in society.Being a native of Detroit, Michigan, community is important to Donna who feels that when a community creates together, they become stronger individuals as well as a stronger group.

For the past 15 years, Donna has dedicated her skill as a designer and project manager to develop marketing materials for urban libraries. She has been a graphic/web designer for Detroit Public Library and Houston Public Library systems and brand manager for Houston Public Library. She regularly present at library association conferences. Her goal is to continue to work with public libraries in branding and expand this knowledge into the art world by teaching artists the importance of brand development.

She is founder of DMJStudio, devoted to developing art projects that strengthen and beautify communities.

More about the founder here…

Raven Martin:

Raven “CagedBird” Martin is a Detroit-based creative development professional, poet and visual artist. She received her education from Wayne State University, before she completed her coursework at Motivarte Escuela de Fotografia in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soon after, she became a Communications and Database Specialist with Harriet Tubman Center in the inaugural class of Public Allies Metro Detroit. As a poet, she finds inspiration in the relationship between identity and nature and also womanhood. Her visual art consists of photography that explores cultural themes in the African Diaspora, documentaries that study how Detroit citizens are affected by issues such as Zero Tolerance and Gentrification, as well as support for exhibitions that provide platforms for contemporary artists. She has recently supported exhibitions at The Detroit Public Library, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, The One Mile Gallery, The Baltimore Gallery, Richard Bennett Gallery, DMJStudios and The Black Urban Growers and Farmers Conference. Currently, she is Administrative Assistant for DMJ Studios and Food Ambassador for the City Foods – Good Food program.

Lauren Mleczko:

Lauren Mleczko is a fiber artist and furniture designer who was born in Clinton Township, Michigan and currently lives and works in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She received her BFA from Eastern Michigan University where she worked in the EMU Art Galleries and is now currently co-curating the Detroit: Door of Opportunity traveling exhibition. Lauren Mleczko and artist Molly Doak are the founders of design team collaborative LOMO Collective, working with exotic and urban wood, as well as natural and synthetic fibers to design classic jewelry, textiles, and furniture. Lauren’s personal work combines historic references with personal reflections. She uses a variety of materials and processes in which iconic references of the past are manifested and manipulated through the filter of contemporary design. She starts her process by researching historic buildings, clothing, and patterns, and then translating key design elements to styles and trends of today

Ashley Nivison:

Ashley Nivison is a contemporary fiber artist and printmaker living and working in Detroit, Michigan. Ashley attends Wayne State University where she is a 2016 candidate for a Fibers BFA. She has been a gallery assistant at the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery for three+ years as well as WSU’s Art Department Gallery. She has worked as a freelance curator for Wayne State, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, NCNB Collective, and the Detroit Medical Center Children’s Hospital. Ashley has a passion for community engagement and art therapy, which lead to various collaborations with Detroit Public Schools, DMC Children’s Hospital, and the MOCAD Teen Council. Ashley is working as a curator for DMJStudio.