Bring Posters on Politics to your classroom, organization or public spaces. This exhibition is an excellent platform to discuss politics, art, design and our world.

Posters On Politics Exhibit and Curriculum

About Posters On Politics

Discussions about politics have become a part of the American everyday conversation. Posters have been a standard media used in political campaign and propaganda.  It is only fitting to exhibit this subject using posters. Posters in Politics began in 2017. During an open call to designers, we received over 460 posters. Little less than 200 of these posters are now part of Posters On Politics collection. The majority of the posters can be viewed here:

Assignment Ideas: For educators and education institutions,

  • here are a few assignment ideas to use with your students or in workshops.
  • Write an essay about one of the posters from the Posters On Politics Collection.
  • Take a look at all of the posters in the Poster On Politics Collection. See the similarities in color, message and design solution. Write a short essay about why you think these patterns and similarities exist.
  • Pick one of the posters from our collection and see what country the designer is from. Research the history of that country and the current political atmosphere Write an essay on what you learn or better yet, create a poster based on your research. Create a poster about that country’s political ideologies, events or icons.
  • Create a poster about politics in your city, state or country and have a Poster On Politics event in your town



  • Presidential Campaign Posters
  • Make Art Not War: Political Protest Posters from the Twentieth Century by Ralph Young
  • Poster for Change by Princeton Architectural Press
  • Chinese Posters by Stefan R. Landsberger
  • DDR Posters: Propaganda Posters of East Germany by David Heather
  • Posters for Peace: Visual Rhetoric and Civic Action by Thomas W. Benson
  • Posters for the People: Art of the WPA by Ennis Carter
  • Latin American Posters: Public Aesthetics and Mass Politics by Russ Davidson
  • George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents: The Best Campaign and Political Posters of the Last Fifty Years
    Book by Hal Elliott Wert
  • Thomas W. Benton: Artist/Activist by Daniel Joseph Watkins
  • Communist Posters by Mary S. Ginsberg (Editor)
  • Revolucion!: Cuban Poster Art by Lincoln Cushing, Chronicle Books
  • The Design of Dissent, Expanded Edition: Greed, Nationalism, Alternative Facts, and the Resistance by Milton Glaser, Mirko ILIC, Professor Tony Kushner
  • Latin American Posters: Public Aesthetics and Mass Politics: Public Aesthetics and Mass Politics by Russ Davidson (Editor)
  • Wake Up, America: World War I and the American by Walton Rawls
  • Off the Wall: Political Posters of the Lebanese Civil War by Zeina Maasri
  • Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Vietnam, and Cuba by Carol Wells, David Kunzle, Nguyen Ngoc Dung Bonnie Siegler
  • Signs of Resistance: A Visual History of Protest in America



If you have suggestions for other resources that we could add to this list of books, articles and websites, please email those to or