Discussions about politics have become a part of the American everyday conversation. DMJStudio presents Posters on Politics, an exhibition of posters on political events, philosophies, figures and ideologies. Posters have been a standard media used in political campaign and propaganda.  It is only fitting to exhibit this subject using posters.


Open to student, working, and professional graphic designers are welcome to submit. Please send an email to info@dmjstudio.com with the following information.

  • Name
  • 150 (max) word description of poster
  • Title of poster
  • Size
  • Please attach a sample of your work in a PNG format (size 792 px X 1224 px) to the email.
  • DEADLINE: All submissions are due July 30, 2017

  •  If your submission is chosen, the following sizes are acceptable for final artwork

    • 12 x 18
    • 16 x 20
    • 24 x 36


  • Power and Equality
  • Change
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Protest and Protesting
  • Wake Up America
  • Stay Woke
  • We the People
  • Peace is Possible
  • War
  • Education in America
  • Immigration
  • Women Liberation
  • LGBT Rights
  • Power of Local Government


Posters on Politics | Saturday, August 12, 2017 | The Baltimore Gallery Detroit | 314 E. Baltimore, Detroit, MI 48202

More details to come.