Below are a few pieces from my collection, Colorful Women.

Colorful Women is a series of illustrations and paintings of women. Through color, shape and the use of the human female figure, this series’ objective is to open viewers eyes to feminine beauty that is beyond the curves, clothes, makeup and teased hair. These images convey a beauty that comes from the colorful nuances of women’s personalities, emotions, and experiences.

Colorful Women began as therapy for me – a way to discover my femininity and womanhood. In 2000, I found myself in a serious relationship. Before that, being considered beautiful, or a woman for that matter, weren’t priorities. I knew I was not the classic American beauty. Instead of trying to fit the mold, I put my energies into other attributes and hobbies such as intellect, the arts, and spirituality. But this new relationship opened me to some real facts. Attraction, beauty and sensuality; all things I was uncomfortable with and felt inferior about, are needed to relate intimately. My female-skin did not fit me and as obvious as my awkwardness was to me, it was more obvious to others. I was “in love” and wanted the relationship to work. I looked for a solution to my problem in the only way I knew how – creative research.

I began observing, drawing and visualizing women; taking their complicated bodies and simplifying them to understand what part or combination of parts of the female body “held” beauty. I noticed the rhythm of the curves the roundness of the breasts and ampleness of the thighs that make hearts pitter and patter. My drawings made me realize that physical beauty is an unknown formula that changes from one person to another. The American standard of beauty is not a standard at all but a well thought out way to capitalize on the low self-esteem of a society.

Most of my works for the first few years were pencil and ink drawings. I expanded into painting only because my spirit demanded it.   The women I created demanded it. The idea of using color in my art frightened me. I felt color would complicate my work and take away my control. What color did was help me recognize that there was a broader beauty that every woman posses. Beauty is an intangible, that, when cultivated with love, is physically transformed in our bodies. This is when my works truly became Color Women. It’s been 15 years since that first drawing and what Colorful has done for me is heal my self-esteem while giving me courage to accept myself and others as we are.

3×3 card – Abstract Illustration of a Woman

3×3 card – Abstract Illustration of a Woman

3×3 cards – Abstract Illustration of a Woman on my wall.


I use mediums such as crayons, markers, oil pastels, india ink and pencil for my drawings and marker with acrylic paint for my paintings. These tools allow spontaneity, play, and emotional depth. Simple tools that create layers and layers of color and texture also helps tell the more in-depth stories. Beauty is everywhere and is in all of us. That is the message I hope viewers receive when observing my art-beauty resides in everyone, no matter the combination of parts, characteristics, experiences, and emotions.

Like any artist, other artists inspire me. Rothko, Van Gogh, Picasso, Manuel Mendive, Kara Walker, Jacob Lawrence, Terry Dixon, Joyce Owens and Julian Schnabel creatively stimulate me. Picasso and Lawrence influence my art tremendously, but Kara Walker and Mendive’s world has shown me art is more than moments, but are narratives. That is my next step with Colorful Women – to tell stories. I am currently developing one thousand 3” x 3” illustrations that tell the stories of women through portraits and words. The small, yet detailed mixed media cards create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the art. It is in these intimate moments that we decide about beauty, love and grow interested in people. This series will create 1,000 beautiful and intimate moments; 1000 stories.