Branding for the Creative

ARTBrand is a program and consultation services for artists who want to make a career with their creative talents. Many times the difference between a successful career is understanding who you really are as an artists, what you want to achieve in your career and connecting to the right audience.  ARTBrand, taught by Donna Jackson, an artists and professional brand manager for the past 16 years, will provide information and tools that will help artists answer these questions and bring structure and clarity to their art and their career.

Sometimes it is difficult to be creative and wear the business and strategist hats needed to build the career you want. DMJStudio’s ARTBrand Program will help.

These sessions and tools allow artists to delve deep into who you are, your visual message and you communication styles that will help better connect with your audience and potential art buyers.We go beyond branding and focus on organization and planning, which are key skills to have when building a career and a brand.

ARTBrand Discovery

WHEN: Available any time (schedule an appointment)

WHERE: DMJStudio Workshop


The discovery is a 3-hour session with a representative of DMJStudio:

  • We start with a sit down around a meal or coffee/tea and talk about
    • Your history/who you are/your narrative
    • About your art career over the past 5 – 10 years
    • Your goals and aspirations as an artist
    • Successes and failures
  • As the session progresses we will
    • Take a look at your experience and your art
    • Understand your daily creative, business and organizational routines
    • Review your social network both online and off
    • Pinpoint your current audience and your desired audience
    • Define quality of life and how all this fits in it for you to ensure the end results will be happiness

Once this stage is completed, DMJStudio will provide you a report showing you what we learn and what areas we should focus on to create a strong, consistent and organized brand.


WHEN: Available any time (schedule an appointment)

WHERE: DMJStudio Workshop

HOW MUCH: $28 each 1 hr. 15 min session

After you have gone through the discovery session, you can schedule one-on-one sessions focusing on branding, marketing and, organization and planning. Here are just a few of the topics:

  • Write Your Narrative
  • What Is Your Message
  • Consistency in Your Identity
  • Goals and Plans for the Artist
  • Online Portfolios and Tools to Build Your Identity
  •  How Do You Communicate with Non-Artists
  • Creative Heart, Business Mind
  • Women and Art Careers
  • Promotion beyond Social Media
  • Introvert Networking