DMJStudio ArtBrand Workshop – Your Narrative

Branding has been around for ages. Corporations and organizations have used it to connect with customers and to build successful businesses, product lines and experiences for customers. Today branding has become and individualized game. With social media and its use in building careers, personal branding is paramount. This holds true for today’s artists. Branding can be a complicated thing that most of us do not want to deal with, but we love the benefits of it. So where do you start? Easy, with your story.

The first step in building a brand is your story or narrative. Who are you? What are you? What do you want to achieve and why? What makes you, you and why should others care? Your narrative should answer these questions and more. Here is the absolutely plus for you as an artist. You have an advantage. Being an artist, you delve into yourself daily. That is how you create. That means that you may know yourself better than most. The challenge is how do you get it from your head to the world. Again, easy. Let’s write.

WAIT. Are you not the best writer? I understand. Do not worry about that at this point. This process is purely expressing you as you do.

The presentation below has links to different personal brands. Each one shares their story and personality in their own way. So, if you express yourself in short sentences, or with flowery language, then do it.  If like through bulleted lists, then use them.  However you write, whatever you write, do it with your authentic voice.  We can worry about grammar and refining later.



The presentation provides worksheets to help you get all of the needed information for your story out of your head, on to paper. It includes

  • List about you
  • List of your artwork
  • Your accomplishments (not just awards, but things that make you proud of you and connects to your story)
  • Your goals
  • A storyboard to help you visually see your narrative

After you complete the worksheets, I suggest writing:

  • 100-word narrative
  • 300-word narrative
  • 1000-word narrative

Each narrative can be used differently from social media (100 words) to an article (1000 words). Just keep a few things in mind when writing:

  • Don’t think too hard. Be genuine. Write in your natural voice.
  • Don’t worry about being perfect (we will get to that).
  • Try to keep in your mind who you are telling the story to (your audiences).

After these steps are complete, take what you’ve written and given it to someone who is great at writing and let them look it over for grammar, flow, and to make sure it is understandable. Viola. You are done with the written story.


Now, we all know that your personal brand and story isn’t just words; it is a combination of so many things – visual components, partnerships, beliefs, actions, your art and you. Writing it down is a major step in ensuring that these other components are grounded in one consistent narrative.


DMJStudio workshops on branding for artists are held monthly at the Baltimore Gallery Detroit. Those who attend receive one-on-one support in developing brand components. The next workshop is Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Sign up today.

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