Know Who You Are


Branding is everything that your customers think feel, say, hear, read, watch, imagine, suspect and even hope about you, your art and product.  Think of that. You are your brand, so it is best, when building your brand to truly know yourself.

We spend the majority of our life chasing the answer to the question, “Who am I?” When we were young kids, running around with our friends, we seem to be more comfortable with changing our identity for how we felt that day, that week or even that minute. Even as we change from moment to moment, there is always a part of us that seems consistent. It is the part of us we go back to after each transition from one identity or personality to another. It may be considered the real you. I call it the core. It is what everything else about us is built upon and in most cases will never change.  It is the you that is at peace with who you really are, in all your brilliance. As we get older and began to want acceptance or to be seen, we change our identities for others and in doing so, we move away from our core as well, sometimes making us feel lost and not understand ourselves, others or some of the choices that we make. Let’s change that. Let’s get back to knowing who we are and that starts by getting back to our core. This core is important to know and understand when you are building an identity as an artists and desiring to connect with people and even your work. So, how do you connect with your core?

List What You Know

List are powerful and when you write things down helps bring clarity and understanding, getting rid of the clutter that happens when we just let things sit in our brain. To write is a direct connection from mind to hand making the outcome of what is written more true than most. I am and avid list writer and I journal most days to help me understand different feelings and experiences and to use my time most efficiently. Some of us are not journal or blog type people, but if every other month you write some type of list, connect with your feelings and your experiences and write them down, you will feel better and you will defiantly connect with yourself. Here are a few list I tend to write during my journalling to get to know about myself.

  • People that I love
  • People that I admire
  • My beliefs
  • Desires
  • Your favorite song
  • Biggest fears
  • Traits that I love about myself
  • Traits about myself that I dislike and want to change
  • My goals and aspirations
  • What I wish for the world around me, especially my family and friends
  • Clothing I want to buy
  • Music and Movies I love


It seem almost an American trait to brag about how long of hours we work while at the same time complain about how we desire this utopian type life where we work as minimally as possible.  We are all about work hard and play hard, but in the moments or relaxation and silence, that is when we hear and understand ourselves best. It is in those moments that we usually find inspiration. Taking some time every day or on a normal routine to hear your own thoughts or just to be quiet gives you time to know who you are are where you are going in your life and career. Here are a few ways that you may find relaxation and connect with your core

  • Meditation (one of my favorites)
    • This is a favorite of mine. A daily disconnect from the day and a reconnect with the inner-self.
  • Exercise routine
    • Some type of daily activity is another great way to focus on you. Again, exercise takes you out of the day-to-day task and emotional stress and into a inner-focus and body-focus that will get you closer to your core and even help get you in physical shape. What a great twofer. My favorite activities are long brisk walks and yoga.
  • Journalling
    • I shared that I write everyday. I think the practice of writing your experiences on paper after they happen allows you
  • Traveling
    • I admit that getting ready for a trip can be a pain, but I think getting away from the norm is a way to  shock the system and getting to know yourself unapologetically in a place with no obligations, responsibilities or… I love cities, so I take short trips to places like Brooklyn, New York, Austin and New Orleans every now and then. These short trips take you out of the everyday routines and opens your mind to new

There are others ways to relax and connect with yourself, the point is regular quiet time and time to focus on you is key to getting to know your core.

Create Often

We are lucky that we are artists. We tend to know ourselves better than most, but sometimes, when we get involved in the world and the pressures from others telling us what we should be and what we need to change in order to have success in life, can cause even us creative folks to lose ourselves. There is no better place to reconnect with our core than when we are creating or performing. Here is the catch. Sometimes we have to create just to create. We have to let go of the pressures that everything we create must be a masterpiece. It is in those moments of just doing, we see ourselves, we see new things and actually find inspiration when we are ready to create our next masterpiece.

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