Creative Time

I use to dream about the perfect situation for me to create my art. It looked like this. Me, getting up in the morning and after a long shower and a good breakfast, maybe a brisk walk or some yoga, I would go upstairs to my studio, turn or my record player that had an old Miles Davis album on it and create for hours. All day even.  What a wonderful dream. Real artists know that is not how creative time goes or how we get things done. Usually we create in between life responsibilities. Two hours before you have to take your kid to their soccer game or an hour before you go to work.  At night when everyone in your house is sleep or when you skip an event or movie with friends.  That is when creativity happens and when creative time happens.  It all counts. We have to know that it all counts and we have to know that it must happen everyday. To be great at what we do as artists, we must do it everyday until it comes as natural as opening our eyes in the morning.

If you are a scheduler like myself or one who writes list, make sure that at least an hour a day is set aside to create. It will change your life and your career.  You will see that as this becomes routine in your life that you will find more time and maybe that dream of creating most of the day will become a reality.


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